Interests in Chip Burning

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i am wondering if anybody is interested in me burning custom rom chips with your specified setup for you ECU's?
lol garbage, DelSol94, he told you what 'setup'

he wants his OBD1 P30 to run an OBD2 want to give people shift lights and redlines...I don't think we need that help here. Anyone that's in need of that has a tuner or can do it themselves, other wise they're probably hurting their motor anyway lol.

@josh; get the correct ecu for your setup (P2P ECU [I have one I could sell you]), or convert the Y8 to a Z6 or something OBD1. i'll buy your p30 tho. could always use a backup for my own.

Or hey. Josh, I'll trade you your P30 for my P2P. Even trade, free for both of us. Let me know!
7500 rpm fuel cut, no shift light. vtec @ 5000. how much $ for the chip?

No thanks yblegal, i bought the p30 for the knock sensor (they save alot of blown engines...). plus i will be dropping in a fully built 215hp b16b in 2 months. i just figured why not take advantage the p30 on the y8 while i have it.

P.S. don't knock him for askin questions. I'm sure he knows d16y8=obd2 p30=obd1 b16

I already have a p2p that's what it runnin on right now.
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i know all about the P30 yo. this is why i wanted to nab yours lol.
Whats the point of running a p30 map on d16y8? The p2p is setup for the d16y8, your not going to gain a bunch of power by switching ecus. If anything your are going to lose power, fuel economy, and so on. Honda sets their ecus up very well from the factory, so unless you have some serious mods you are doing more harm then good.