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Ok guys I just bought the adapter for the back of my ps2. (mind you I am not technocally sp?? advanced) I have comcast high speed and I was wondering If anyone has ever hooked up online or knows how to. I am sooo lost. Thanks in advance!!!!! :thumbsup:


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I got one too and I tried playing need for speed online and the thing dosent work. Im soooo pisssed. i dont know how to setup the settings for it or us both out!


you need to configure your network card settings then save them to the memory card.

it is really simple.

just enter in your username/password and you're ready to go.

might need to tweek a few variables if you are on a router....

but no configuring worth requiring a phd in physics....


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just do what it tells you to do, I haven't tryed NFS, but it worked for me on other games....

PS, XBOX owners, don't pay for xbox live, there is a nice program called gamespy, check it out...


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i have XBOX live and i love it. a couple of my friends have the PS2 adapter and they cant get it to work. it wont reconize that its hooked up to the internet. anyone that has XBOX live send me a friend invitation and maybe we can play sometime.

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