Is Hmotorsonline Reputable?

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im new to this website. i found a link to it on and was wondering if anyone here has ever dealt with i am looking for a complete swap. i have a 1994 Prelude S 5-speed and im looking to get an H22 complete swap. this website advertises the H22 for $2,199.
Heres the link:
Is there anything else i will need to buy for this swap to work? the only thing that came to mind was to get vtec gauges since the H22 has a different redline than the F22
for those that dont feel like looking at the link. the swap comes with this:
- Motor
- Hydrolic Tranny
- ECU (P13)
- Axles with Half Shaft
- Shifter Cables
- Shifter Assembly
- Stock Motor Mounts
- Alternator
- Starter
- Clutch
- Flywheel
- Intake Manifold
- Exhaust Manifold
- Fuel Rail
- Injectors
- Distributor
- Engine Harness
- Comes With All Sensors Needed
Is that everything I will need? my car is already 5-speed
and im already taking into consideration upgrading my brakes to vtec or AEM
my friend bought a gsr swap from them and i installed it over a weekend i have never been more pleased with a motor from anyone ever it compresion tested 195 across the board +/- 004psi thats excellent and my friend says it rips :lol:
thanks for the input everyone. damn i cant wait to put the order through now. 135hp to 190hp is going to be a big difference.
You're only getting the USDM H22A? You'd get 10 more horses and 5 more foot-pounds of torque if you went with a JDM H22A.
i personally ordered my jdm h22a longblock from steve. i think i had an isolated incident... but ill voice what happened anyway. my engine took 6 weeks to get here, not 2. the paint on my valve cover looks like ass and there is black oxidation between the exhaust ports and valve cover from what i assume to have been a bad exhaust leak at the manifold. i also have a bad valve guide. even with the bad valve guid my motor tested at 240, 240, 240 and 234. the car hauls ass and i got my distributor for free, so i can't bitch about that (other than i have replaced my cap and rotor and now the cylinder position sensor has gone bad in the free distributor...) so im not sure if it's a good thing or not, had it not came with the distributor i would have just switched my external coil setup from the h23. on the guages... i wouldnt worry about it personally, i have SI guages and it's fun seeing the needle bury itself in all that is red :) i would and have reccomended people to hmotorsonline because other than myself, i have heard nothing but good things about them. i personally give you the thumbs up to get a JDM h22a swap from hmotorsonline, i would get the JDM instead of the USDM personally, because it offers better numbers, but if you want to pay the same for less motor, i guess that's your decision ;)