Is My Car Going To Break Down?

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first of all, my engine idles really really gay.. its a b18a1 and sometimes when it idles.. its high like around 1500rpm, but sometimes it idles so low that it almost dies.. like around 600rpm and the whole car shakes badly.. and then the light gets dim (console lights ie tach/speedo/etc)... second, when i make turns in the cold it makes a popping sound.. someone said axles gonna give out, and then when it rains it makes a squeeling sound.. someone said alternator belt.. i have no clue.. and third, when it rains or damp, when i shift my clutch pedal makes a squeeking noise.. its getting extremely irriatating.. so if anyone knows a solution to my triple threat problems, please let me know.. thanks in advance :worthy:
sounds like u need o replace your battery and altinator (sp) i would have autozone or someone like that check them out they do it for free.
Part one could be anything in your ingnition from fouled plugs to parts going out.Part two sounds like your cv joints are bad.And the last thing is probably your alternator belt or another belt.
thanks guys.. ill take a look but i dont wanna go to autozone nor kragen because the other day i went in and asked when kinda oil i need to run because my light was coming on.. i was using 5w-30 and the guys asked me if i had any mods, i said no except an intake so they said stick with 5w-30 but then i mentioned i ran nitrous on occasions.. and the guys pointed me to 10w-30 synethic by quaker state.. and told me that 50shots would give me a 100hp boost.. and they keep saying NAWZZZ.. so i just left and went to a private shop and got better advice.. anyway, muchas gracias guys..