Is There A Better Chassis To Receive The H22a?

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Hi, I'm new on the board. I was looking for some infos for my project (92-93 h22a civic) when I found this temple ;)

It's ok for the motor (a couple of motor imports here in Montreal)
I'm currently looking for the car and I was wondering if there is a better chassis to receive this motor.
It seems to be the only thing never discussed about this swap :D
I was thinking CX but since there is not a big weight difference with the others, I'm confused.
I thought maybe a 4door will help the handling (i'm not planning to autox :p don't start this war again )

Just want some opinions.

And by the way, If you know a civic 92-93 for sale near Montréal, let me know please ;) I have the cash, just waiting for a deal.


From wich motor distributor your buying your JDM H22A ?? you buying the Type-S one or the normal H22A ??
with an h22, if you want a simple bolt on swap, get an accord. if you want a civic, you're going to need some mounts, HASports has gotten alot of recognition on this forum, look into them. good luck on your project.
ovcrash, J-Spec Auto Sports seems to be cheap. I'll probably go with them. And i'll try to get the h22a 92-96. I'm looking for the 161lbs torque ;)

ekPhred, thank you for the info. I'm gonna have the job done by a shop (i have no garage). I know it's not as simple and cheap as with an accord but I still want a civic.

im doin a h22 swap in my civic lookin forward to getting it done! hasport mounts are great! place racing, you should aviod them. they arent all they are cracked up to be, iv heard they dont fit exactly right. good luck on your swap...keep us posted :D
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word, anytime, nevertheless,


I don't understand (I'm french) <_<

word is slang for i hear that or simply i agree
anytime means well anytime, haha
never the less, is like continue on.

haha i love slang, and the translations are great...

Thank you! :D
And thank you ekPhred ;)