Is there a c/a/i for B18C1 in 5th gen. h/b?

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TiredOFmy f**kinLX

Junior Member
I could of sworn that AEM made a c/a/i that could be used on the GSR motors when mounted in a 5th gen. h/b. >> I say I could of sworn because I'm pretty sure I've seen pics!!

I ask because THESE GUYS had to modify the intake to get it to work.

...or did they just have the wrong intake :eek:
With the gsr intake, you will need the gsr cai and modify it. The del sol vtec won't work because the throttle body is lower on the b18c than the b16's. If you are using an itr or skunk2 intake manifold, a civic or del sol cai will work
ahh.. a little bending and twisting, you can get it to fit :)