is there anywhere where i can instructions on a ls

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I need some instructions to installin a ls engine into my 93 civic hatchback, becuase i recently oredered a engine from them, and i wanna know how to do it exactly, plus the wiring too,
engine from who?

Assuming you got an obd1 COMPLETE motor swap, its cake. complete meaning the tegs mounts, axles, tranny, shiftlinkage, ecu, etc... (94-95 LS)

if your hatch is a CX or VX, you need to convert to a 4 wire O2 sensor.
use a 94 LS upper radiator hose
use a 94 del sol vtec lower radiator hose
use a 94 LS throttle cable
if you want A/C, you need a 94-95 del sol vtec a/c bracket

and thats about it. everything else should plug right in.
how do i convert to a 4wire o2 sensor?

The engine is from Japan 94 so its jdm