Is This All I Need?

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Ok in the HF all motor beast article it says all you need to get more horse power is (dx head ,si distributer,si intake manifold,si ecu,and timing belt same year as the head) ok but after reading alot of these forums and threads alot of people say if you do that your gonna need an adjustable cam gear and they said that my pistons would knock ,so they said i would have to switch to si or dx pistons...IS THIS TRUE????and if this is true then you might as well just get a whole engine swap!!!!
Look at your pistons, if they have valve reliefs they are the same pistons used in the 16v motors(most are a few were not). You do not need an adjustable cam gear.
MAN!!! i wish i knew if they have valve relifs before i go and rip apart the engine!!! but thanks for the info dude!!