Is this bad juju?

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My name is Byron.
So I have a friend who works at a crematorium and long story short I aquired this as a shifter for my Jeep.

It's a hip replacement.


So thoughts, will I be haunted by this persons spirit? Is it the best shift knob you've ever seen? Or is it just too morbid and you have nothing to say about it?
o_O not too sure about that... i mean if it was unused, or belonged to someone i knew that wanted me to use it... or it was mine (after having it redone or something) sure... but just some random persons hip replacement... kinda odd... not really something i would do... i dont think that i would want some random jackass i didnt know using the titanium screws in me for some side project... but then id be dead and gone so would i really even be able to care :dunno:
I am creeped out by shit like that lol... I would give that damn thing back lol
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Yeah not really my style either ha ha.

I am still trying to come up with a project I can use the titanium rod they put in my dads femur to tie it together after breaking it in half in two spots.
I figured this would stir quite a conversation.

Everyone I offroad with has a beer tab or pool ball or spider gear for their shifter. Had to come up with something crazy. Besides it would have just been tossed in the scrap pile and melted down.
I'd work on a better back story. I think a lot of people will find it offensive (and perhaps downright illegal) to source jeep parts from a deceased persons remains.
If you say it came from your uncle (who loved offroading) who wanted you to have it in your jeep, or something along those lines, then its not quite as disturbing.
I'd prob take a bat to your face if I found out your had my grandfathers hip replacement and were using it without the family's knowledge as a shifter in your jeep, but that's just me and family is family.
well, if you need a hip replacement, you got one.

yeah, i don't think it's too cool, but i guess, what else do they do with it? stuff that doesn't burn? what do they do with it? put it in a landfill?
My friend says they have a scrap bin that all of this sort of stuff that is left behind gets literally just tossed into to be melted down.
Who gives a shit? The guys dead his family will never know. If it was his/her real hip it would be different. It's an artifical part
creepy as fawk but something i'd tell my friends about if we hung out. lol. I'd never touch it and i'd stare at it nonstop if i ever rode with you.
I am shocked he got that out. After my wisdom teeth were pulled I asked to see them and was told they were already put in bioharzard.

I wonder if these guys take gold out of peoples teeth?
He said he asked his boss if he could have it for it to be used for this exact reason and his boss said it was all good. I've seen them before at a vintage/oddities shop so it must not be an uncommon thing to aquire. .

The gold fillings is something I've never thought of.
The fire probably kills any biohazardous thing. I think you should clEan it up. Maybe polish it.
I did go over it lightly with a brass wire wheel. I don't want to do anything other than that to it, I really want to see how my gloves shine/polish it up just from using it.