Is This Possible?

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aight, i took my head, block, and flywheel to get lightend(flywheel) and acid dipped and shit. the guy there told me he has a supercharger that could fit on my engine. first off, its a stock d16a6 outta a crx si (1990). is that possible, would that engine be able to handle the compression and stuff? and how many mods beside what comes with the blower would i need to do? the guys given me a good deal on the thing, but i dont know if it'll just chew the hell outta my poor stock motor, and if i would need to put a hell of alot more work, money, and parts into the car then just bolt this thing on. thanx to whoever answers.
well, what the hell is it? a "blower" means nothing.

a small jrsc would go on fine.
an 8-71 will not :lol: