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k so i've decided to build the d-series:cool:

i want to make between 175-220whp:cool:

best i've figured is to go turbo or ITB's with nos

im kinda leanin towards the ITB with nos just cuz its instant no spoolin up and there's no constant wear on the motor... only when i hit the button

but i want some other opinions so let me know what yall think and if there is anything im missing or not thinking of let me know

also if you know anywhere that makes an ITB setup for a d-series let me know cuz im havin a hard time findin anyone at all


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It's already been done with ITBs, no squeeze. Hell, it's been done with carbs ;)

Also, you don't need ITB's. It just so happens there aren't many D-series manifold biased towards higher-end NA builds...although the Edelbrock one is very nice. There is someone that was using the rear injector bungs with RDX injectors to help with atomization. I think he's selling his setup now though(I don't think he has used it).

Kinsler should have bolt-in ITB's for D-series.

170whp should be attainable with good bolt-ons, cam, headwork, higher compression, and of course tuning. There were a couple of guys around 170whp using homemade ITB's and off the shelf parts.

Turbo is not constant wear unless you have your foot on it the whole time. Turbo would be the easier route in this case. Reliability will depend on maintenance and of course, the driver.
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hey thanks guys for the info... even though ya'll are contradicting each other haha

i just got through lookin at some vids on youtube(dont know how reliable that is) but some kid in a sohc rex with just a cam and itb's with a good tune made 175whp on a d16 so im pretty sure its way capable especialy if i use spray

say i drive on the highway alot... does that mean the turbo will stay constantly spooled? and ya i've heard about and semi looked into homeade itb's.... how hard is it really... not labor wise but like how complicated is it?


It's only stupid if it doesn't work
Get ITBs, slap on a plenum, boost it, and get direct port nitrous. You will reach your goals. Just watch out for damage to the manifold and floor boards...

Seriously, you need to read everything you can get your hands on before even starting to spend money on this.


itb's are TOTALLY overrated IMO. (at least on hondas) a TOTAL pain in the fuck to tune. If you don't have a FAST speed pro, or something similar that allows for individual cyl. tuning, you're in for a world of hell, not to mention a $1000 dyno bill + $1000 tuner fee.

or, you could slap a $1500 turbo kit on it and smoke the piss out of it :shrug2:


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You just need something that supports Alpha-N tuning; even Crome has this(ITB Tools).

Whether or not the turbo stays spooled will depend on sizing and how much throttle you're giving it.

Homemade ITB's are pretty simple but just require fabrication. IMO, if you have to ask, it's probably best to just let someone else do it or buy a setup someone has already made.


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do you realize you can almost get that power with a swap. your gonna spend almost the same amount of money on getting your d series to make 175 whp. if you want to stay N/A, get an H22 swap with I/H/E and a street tune you should be making over that and youll have a bigger base to make more power.

oh and the torque will be much nicer


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k well i'ma keep the ITB w/NOS & turbo debate on hold as stalyun has kinda caught my interest.... Say i wanted to just stay naturally aspirated but i dont want to go the traditional b16 or b18 and i want to throw down some serious power.... H22 sounds like a good bet... but i've heard of an F20B thats supposed to be a hell of a badass motor.... and what about an H23... whats the difference between it and an H22 other than the 23 is a bit bigger?


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IMO, H22A>F20B. The F20B is just more rare; basically a destroked H22A Type-S.

You can also look into the F-series. There's plenty of people around 140whp/140lb tq with just bolt-ons and a Bisimoto cam.


h23 junk..h22 is going to cost around the same to do a litle D build


I bought a B16A from tiger to replace the blown one in my Si. I had no problems with it. Opened it up and it all looked good and fresh. Started up first try. Put 1k on it so far and everythings fine. Not to mention it showed up at my "door" 3 days after I ordered it from Canada to Chicago.