ITR Vs D.C. 4-1 Header, What is better

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Hey guys i was just wondering what would be a better header to go with in my car, it will be a daily dirven car with a race here and there. After the header the only other mods i will be doing are cam gears and ctr cam shafts, unless you guys can think of anything else i need after that, thanks for the help
Get the DC 4-1 header with the 2.5" collector. The JDM header is good, but when you slightly increase the size of the collector it's even better. I've seen dynos of this where the collector was increased by only 5mm and showed remarkable gains for such a small modification to the piping.
quality of the DC compared to the JDM ITR is laughable... material isnt as good, welds arent as good, and the JDM ITR has a 2.5" collector the DC is a cheap copy of it
mid to high RPM area .... both are the same design ... DC copied the JDM ITR for their header but the materials and construction is not as good so you wont get as much life out of the DC as you will with the JDM ITR... also with the JDM ITR you can keep the heat sheilds for a more stock (sleeper) look and you can get a skid plate to protect them from getting dented... these wont fit on the DC header
Cool i really want to go for the sleeper look, no body kits, no wings, just light wheels and a lower stance, im trying to get as close to a jdm integra xsi as i can
with the heat sheid and the skid plate this is what you will have on a JDM ITR header
Tahnks for all the help so not only in this post, but in anyother post ive done you've been a great help. Have you owend a b16 before everything that you've told me has been spot in thanks.
glad i could help... no B16's but i have a B18C/R going in this winter.... ive done a lot of research i guess (gotta love OCD) :)
Are you local "So Cal"? Id like to see your ride