J-spec B16 In A 91 Crx Si

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i have a 91 crx si w/ a j-spec b16 and need to know how to get parts for it. i need a water pump and timing belt as well as basic maintenance stuff like distrib cap, rotor button, valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, etc.... someone told me to order parts from a 96 del sol b16a2 so i ordered a water pump for a 96 del sol b16a2 and it wasn't right. please help me quick! what other US honda/acuras can i swap parts with or do i have to get parts from Japan?
:huh: well you should either do some searching for parts from japan online or go to your nearest import shop to see what they suggest. you dont want to risk wrong parts for your engine and fuck it up u know.also try to get parts from an integra 90-93.