J-spec Or Not

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Does anyone know if you can tell if an engine came from japan by the engine code..
For Example H22a instead of H22a1 which is on most domestic engines
...b16a instead of b16a1


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with the exception of the B16A1, a rare 10.4 CR in the JDM Crx SiR's :D


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i thougn the "b16a1" didnt have a final numerical designation, that that was just when they came with the b16a2. I see it posted alot on here (b16a1 i mean) and i understand the purpose of doing so but was that really how its marked?


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They are stamped B16A1 in other parts of the world,where they were available,like Europe.
my friend bought a b16 from japan (we are sure that is were it came from) and it is only a b16 nothing after


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Originally posted by Prowler@Mar 14 2003, 11:17 PM
Isn't it if it ends with a number it's usdm, and if it ends in a letter it's jdm?

Yea.. jdm is b16 or b16a.. and USDM is b16a2 and edm would be b16a1.. although, Nick swears the jdm crx sir b16 is b16a1