Jack Russell Terrier + Fireworks = Worse

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that's what that dumb ass dog gets. it's the owners fault for not teaching the dog what's a toy and what isn't. Plus the fuse has to be lit and it should of burned the dogged so she should of spit it out.

Blown to pieces? from a firecracker? bullshit! not even an M80 is going to blow the dog to "pieces"
Anyone with experience with Jack Russells would know they're almost impossible to train. They do what they want, when they want to do it.
coulda been a quater-stick. That dog was toast if it was and there would defenitly be some puking from the blood and guts that everybody around would be covered in.
its stupid shit like that, or stupid kids like that that get fireworks to be illegal
I've seen creators blown into the ground with 1/4 sticks

a 1/4 stick I'm guessing if put inside a car would blow out all the windows and buckle the roof up. maybe even the doors.
it blows up damn near everything in a car. We've done it, my friend's hot mom's husband used to get them all the time. Owns a junkyard. He used to blow up random cars that sat there for longer than a couple months.

it defenitly destroys everything in the car and you better step WAY back.
here's an idea... don't throw firecrackers over a fence where you know there's a dog...

...or... leave the dog at home... i'm confused where the dog was, they mention picnic, but into 'her' yard.

either way... you CAN train a jack russell. it's just not easy... and yes, they are annoying, and hyper.
Originally posted by reckedracing@Jul 8 2005, 04:16 PM
i dunno, more than one PIECE = pieces...

old school cherry bomb would rip that skull into numerous pieces
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you knew what I meant fucker :lol:
they tried to make it sound like the whole dog just exploded. maybe his head did tho lol