JDM 94 b18b into my EG Hatchback

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So are you sure that the my Civic CX Hatcback engine harness will fit into the LS engine?

And also a reminder, The LS engine is JDM, so those that make a differents
remember, you have obd issues to deal with. because you have a jdm engine the wiring harness is going to be in the wrong place to match up with the cx harness.
if i were you i'd buy an obd1 integra harness and obd1 integra distributor/injectors/ecu to make things work.

another way could be using an obd2 engine side harness from an ls integra and getting a wiring conversion harness.

email me if you want detailed information on this...because i need to know exactly what you have before i can be sure on what needs to happen for your setup to work.
right, the motor is OBDI the car is OBDI, why are we talking about OBDII at all? lol
in his post he said 1997 USDM wiring harness, this would mean he has obd2 injectors on this harness...and means he would have to use an obd2 distributor...obd2 ecu..etc...or get a conversion harness.

basically, the setup needs to be consistent....either everything obd1 or obd2 with an obd2 to obd1 conversion harness.
the civic harness plugs right in except for you would need to extend the O2 sensor plug, because the b series headers have the o2 sensor near the catylac converter.
i think he should forget about the harness and use his civic one... injectors dont come with harnesses
the integra harness is GARBAGE i have two and didn't need anything for the swap. its a completely different type of harness and all it will be good for is if you need a connector to splice in
with jdm motors, you need to use a udsm harness anyway.... its wires all backwards- fuse box is on drivers side, clutch master is on passenger, etc- the firewall is opposite
so all i have to do is swap all the wires around then? Ok I hope that works....Do i need anything else?