jdm b16 chipped p30 no cel funny idle HELP

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i have b16a when i go to start the car when engine isnt warmed up it starts runs for about 5 seconds then idle will drop and raise and keep doing this sometimes even shutoff the way it idles low. heres the thing when at operating temp it idles fine. cleaned iacv no vac leaks my tb only has 1 hole in it so i cant block hole for fitv (i dont think it even has one on it) i replaced coolant temp sensor , iat , map. i thought it was fitv but i t doesnt look like my tb has one. coolant in system cause this or thermostat ( i doubt anything is even wrong with that but im lost at this point). shud i put a tb with fitv on it or what anybody had something similar and throw in there 2 cents that would help thanks... video up soon ... 99 ex auto converted to 5 speed ob2b to obd1 jumper still has auto cabin harness its in park tho so it starts and drives. new gasket on mani and tb also.:blink::?::( ignore ticking noise my lma are bad i got skunk 2 lmas to put in it
You have a OBD2 TB? I'm guessing you do since there is no FITV. FITV assists cold idle but your TB is for a set up where the ECU (OBD2) deals with cold idle. OBD1 ECU doesn't do that and needs a FITV. Especially with cold weather.

If you are sure it's not a vacuum leak and it seems to idle/drive fine once warm, it very well could be needing a complete OBD1 TB (94/95 Integra TB is most plentiful).
i just put new doorman tps and calibrate it and put tb with fitv but heres the thing the manifold has no port for a fitv so its not doing anything correct.. i have a other mani with the both ports but it has wide style iacv mounting holes so i can only get one bolt on as the other hole is far more over.. what to do ....
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its for vtec pressure switch... but i found a missing bolt out my manifold i tried putting on in and the hole was stripped . im gonna try helicoil and new IM gasket and try bleeding coolant again and see what happens. but does it matter my manifold/tb setup matter as in my manifold has no port for fitv cause its newer style correct? and my tb has fitv but since theres no port for it on manifold im guessing its like its not even there, so do i need to put a manifold that has the port for fitv to make it idle correctly. im just trying to see all possible causes and thanks for replying:thumbup:
Get the bolt situation fixed first.

It's been many years since I had a Bswap. I remember the FITV being a part of the TB and had coolant lines like the IACV. But maybe it does need a port...? I thought it was all about its connection to the TB. What is your other IM from?
nevermind the port its on right i have obd1 tb and intake but i found out the hole wasn't even stripped so i put all bolts and nuts on intake after i took off intake cleaned surface reinstall new gasket on both intake and throttle body , topped up coolant drove around with heater allday burp hoses. its still doing it. any other suggestions
when i hold the brake pedal at the light when car is warm it doesnt surge but idles really high like 1500 rpm steady
Coolant line hooked up to FITV? Also.....the FITV can be cleaned/adjusted. Google for a thread of someone tackling the job.
Electrical timing verified?

Mechanical timing verified?