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Guy posted, if it dont say complete, then its just motor.. unless otherwise noted.. So its just the motor for 650. :D
Yeah that's just the engine... you can get B20Zs for $800 straight up- the B18B should be much cheaper than that. People in Houston are selling them for $300, 400 tops.
Heh, i wish the scene was something here.. hell i wish ppl knew anything here.. I called all the salvage yards around here (25 mile radius).. no one can tell me if its a b16a, b18b, or what kinda motor ANY import they have is.. they just say.. its a.. Acura 1.8 motor.. LS? GSR? type R? they dont know.. VTEC? dunno... stupid rednecks!!
yeah, i wouldn't be mad about that! if you do happen to come across a junked GSR and they don't know the difference, you can tell them it's an LS and they'll give it to you for 1/3 of the price!
hell yeah i wish people had no clue around here youd be able to buy stuff dirt cheap .... its only 25 miles drive there
Word the stupid redneck junkyards are the best! My club pulled a ZC out of an intergra with the tranny, axles, shifter linkages, and complete uncut wiring harness for cheap bro! I mean cheap!
they jack up prices here cuz its a honda!