Jdm Power Vs Usdm Power

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Alright here is how it goes....I had a rebuilt motor put in my 92 prelude with the number H23A which I believe is JDM because it has a four character code. The usdm is an H23A1, five characters. I just noticed this the other day, and I have read that the jdm version of this motor is more powerful (200 hp over the usdm 160 ). Is this true? If so can you reply with some specs on this motor? Thanks.

http://www.vtectuning.com/enginechart.html I don't know if this is a reliable source...but it is the only site mentioning the h23a which is in the accord sir with 200 hp, scroll down further and you find the usdm h23a1 with 160. I think, but not sure, that this is correct, and I just might have a 200hp h23 in my prelude


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Please don't double-post.

I'll answer it again though....unless your valve cover says DOHC VTEC on it, you've got a 160 hp non-VTEC engine out of a Prelude Si.