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Wondering if anyone can suggest good junkyards in Orange County or the rest of Southern California with newer imports. The yard closest to me (Pick Your Part in Stanton) never has a 90+ Integra or 92+ Civic, and mostly early 90s model imports. Does anyone know of better junkyards around here?
hey man! sup?! :) there is a big pick-your-part in ontario on...i think milliken. also a few other large junkyards in montclair you might want to try. i know of at least one on mission(or is it holt?), in montclair. i've seen others while driving around holt/mission area in montclair. maybe you can find ads for them in the san bernardino/riverside recycler...or in the auto trader. that's where i would look anyway. what is it your looking for?

...oh and the really big junkyards are in san diego near the border. i went there once with my dad and there were huge junkyards there in this one place. i think its san ysidro?? whatever the border town is there. i remember seeing the border patrol flying by every few minutes.
Well once I get my Civic running, it's 90% going on sale. But if not, I'll be in the market for a B18A pretty quickly (I just got a 3rd shift job paying 9.50...not too bad for an 18 yr old--not great either though). Once things get settled down with the move, I'll probably be ready to go B-series if I keep the car. But if I do sell it it'll be HELLLLOOOOOOO Nissan for me. 200hp/200ft-lbs on 2700 lbs and .30 drag coefficient = goodbye Honda for me.
cool! 9.50's not bad :) what type of nissan are u thinking of? ive seen some really nice 240 long-bodies (a.k.a. silvia s15) running around in the azusa/covina area. they almost seem like a dime a dozen there.
S13, SR20DET in 2 months, Silvia front end in 4 months. At least that's the plan... :D Gotta love Westminster smog shops--easy to pay off.
sweet!!! :D you know brian's gonna hate you right? :p when u do get it..or build the honda...u can race me with my b16 with intake/exhaust/headers :) ...at the track in irwindale..if you're up for it :) might as well get us some time slips eh?
lol If it weren't for Brian, I wouldn't even be considering this. haha I'd probably be buying a 92 DX or something.
Right on, no point in having it if you don't know what you can do with it. Now I just gotta hope everything goes through..I sure am gonna miss 4 doors though :(
Oh yeah, I've seen them as low as 2200 in good shape around here, so finding one won't be a problem. Also the SR20 is a direct bolt-in swap, so I know I could do it myself again.
lol nissanswap.com

I figure if I give myself 2 months from when I get the car, that should be enough time to learn the ins and outs of the swap. I took about the same amount of time learning about the ZC swap and I could probably still do the rewiring from the top of my head.
cool. if you start researching now, you can swap when yu get the car :) just a thought.
Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Jan 15 2003, 02:35 AM
cool. if you start researching now, you can swap when yu get the car :) just a thought.

I just dunno if I'll have 4 grand to shell out on the car and engine all at once. It would be nice though--I'd like to just get a full front clip and do it all at once.
Yep, but I'll have to do with flip up headlights for now. Well off to bed now, night!