just for fun

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i swaped my p72 obd2 (jdm sir-g ecu) for p73 obd2(jdm 98 itr ecu) just for fun.i was surprised to find new power from jdm b18c,when the vtec activate
@ 5700 rpm i can feel the punch,its much stronger than p72 ecu.
The only thing i cannot figher out is the motor idles @1100 rpm instead of
900 rpm,any ideas why??
my freind also tried it out on his 97 jdm b18c (sir-g)
and the idle stayed @1100 rpm.It must be the cams
or distributor advance.i am still not sure why?
yes i was using gsr cams.
yesterday i swaped my b18c (jdm sirg obd2)for itr b18c7 (australian spec) and i used sirg throtle body,distributor & lsd tranny.The idle
stayed @1100 rpm,maybe its set idle that high.any ideas?
you need to re-learn the ecu...

after you hook it up, pop out the fuse for the ecu, and let the car re-learn the idel.
its the top left fuse 15A under hood fuse box.(ecu fuse)
i got the rpm problem solved,the eld in my fuse box was not hooked to the
ecu.It was giving me high voltage & rpm @ 1050.(code 20)