Just Got Back From Driving My Uncles New Car

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All I can say is fucking sweet. That car is everything the Z3 should have been and isn't. The suspension is beautiful, hugs the road, does a good job of keeping the back end in check. It gets a little loose on a hard shift, but that car handles very well. The 3.0 6 cyl has great torque like the Z3 but this one acutally pulls through the rev range, instead of dopping off like the Z3. The shifter has a nice short throw and engages crisply. The 6 speed manual is geared very well. They took the time to setup the transmission so you can use all 6 instead of just adding a 6th gear to a 5 speed box. It is a blast to drive and if it wasn't $40k (there are other cars for that or less that I would rather have) I would have to think about trading in the teggy.

Z3 :whip: Z4
you talking about the z3's big brother m3 roadster?? if so I agree with you whole-heartedly. My ex girlfriend's parents had one and they'd let me drive the shit outta it and it was sooo much fun I'd drool over myself all day long after driving it around heh.

Nope, I meant Z4, it was released in Oct. with a slush box and this month with a 6 speed manual.
The only thing is the car is ugly. The z3 is much cleaner looking. My favorite is the last year of the M coupe, a 5th gen hatch on speed
Originally posted by asmallsol@Jan 19 2003, 07:33 PM
The only thing is the car is ugly. The z3 is much cleaner looking. My favorite is the last year of the M coupe, a 5th gen hatch on speed

It looks a whole lot better in person. When all I had seen was the pics I though it was ugly too. After driving it it looks a whole lot better as well. :)
BMWs :whip:

Overpriced, overrated, stalling pieces of shit.

Then along comes Chris Bangle. Now they're getting ugly, too - at least they used to look decent.

Easy killer. I know you had a bad experience with your M3, but my uncle had nothing but good luck with his Z3. He was really geeked by the Z4 so he traded the Z3 in. It is on the pricey side, and there are many other cars I would buy for what it costs instead. But I wouldn't call it a piece of shit. It certainly didn't drive like a piece of shit. :p
I'm just horrified at what they're doing to all the cars. The new X series looks horrid (our "driver" is a 2001 X5) - the prototypes I've seen for the 3, 5 and 6 series are just nasty... hell, the new 7 requires damn near a phd to drive.

I loved my Z3 (MY1999, 2.3L, my first BMW) and the 2001 330i, and the X5 is great. But I just can't look past how nasty they are anymore. It's like BMW and the guy that designed the Pontiac Aztec are trying to out-do each other. BMW's responses with the stalling issues on the M were "ummm... well... be patient" while I was paying $900/month. Screw that. For less than the $$ I had in the M, the S2000 will out-run, out-handle, out-start and just generally piss all over the new M.

The Z4 was ALMOST perfect. The last prototype I saw prior to the real thing was gorgeous. I was drooling. Then dumbass desides it's a cool thing to sculpt a "Z" in the fender/door. Now there's half a dozen sitting on my dealer's lot for months now. You never saw the Z3 stick around that long. BMW f**ked up, and is doing so with every new design they put out. It's gonna take years to recover, and people like me, that were loyal to the brand, have strayed and probably won't come back. I love the S2000, the RSX is a blast, and I can't wait to ditch the X5 for an S4.


Originally posted by Integra1990@Jan 19 2003, 11:56 PM
z4...... :gives: find me wen u start drivin the z8, now thats a beemer to look out for, 40k for z4 vs 200k for z8

<sarcasm>Yeah I know lots of people that have $200K to drop on a car.</sarcasm> Please tell me you aren't as stupid as you sound here. If you are you need to sell that Integra and buy a Cavalier or something.

I agree that the new BMWs are nasty looking. And that the prototype Z4 looked a lot better than the production Z4. But I think that the Z3 fell short in most areas of performance driving, and the Z4 excels in those areas. The Z8 is hideous IMO (I know I am going to get flamed for that one) and is more than overpriced.