Just When I Thought Things Were Different Here....

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You know, I left because of the attitudes that were given me here a while ago, and after taking some time off, and looking at my life in a new perspective, I decided to come back.

No more arguing with people about this or that, no more attacking people for their views, etc....

Some might say, I turned a new leaf, and kept my mouth shut even when I felt it was necessary to say something.

Then this happens.....


Now granted, many people will never agree on price. But, to attack my prices just because you don't agree with them, is not the way moderators and admins should be behaving.

Was I being a dick? I don't think so. I merely stated my point of view without yelling, screaming or cursing. I calmly asked where this could be found for that LOW price, and I get told I'm being a dick.

Sorry, I just don't see it. You see, every junkyard I've called about this ecu, want's $300 , and in some cases, they want the original ECU as a core unit exchange.

So, did I cause this problem because I put an ad up that someone didn't like the price?

You be the judge..... That is of course, IF this thread doesn't get deleted.
You were being synical and a smart-ass, all they said was that it was too pricey, which it is. I can get an ITR ecu for 200
this is hondaswap . . . not hondasoap . . . if i were you i wouldn't complain about free advertising and if you find people to buy the ECUs for $300 then thats just great, but i doubt anyone here would pay that much . . . so maybe you should take it as a suggestion not to advertise, in our opinion, highly priced parts here or just be willing to sell more products for less money.
you sound worse than my ex-girlfriend. dont get so upset because people think you're over charging for an ECU, is it really that big of a deal? btw, that is waay too high for an ecu.
What'd I tell you? All we said was it was over priced.

Thank you, please drive through.
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