K-tuned upper coolant neck missing coolant nipple to intake

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I put the K-tuned upper coolant neck on the b16 to aid in filling the cooling system (remember this is in a fiat X19). the issue I have is the stock one it replaced has a coolant tube going to the throttlebody/ intake. the K tuned does not have provisions for it. Anybody want to guess where I should plumb this now to get the coolant there? My thoughts would be to add yet another tee in the hose going to the top of the radiator as this is semi where the hose was getting its flow. but if I could avoid another tee that would be great.

ok, I see a bunch of ways to bypass, but whatI have a by-pass wont work. here is the situation. the upper coolant hose connector that bolts on the head is what was replaced. the new connector has a coolant neck added BUT it no longer has the nipple for the hose that goes to the throttle body. The bypass methods go form the nipple that in on the stock upper coolant connector (which his absent on mine) Dont I need a coolant supply to get to the Idle air control valve?

so I can remove the hose that goes to the TB, and remove the hose that goes from the TB to the IACV, and remove/plug the hose that comes form the IACV back to the coolant return?

what I did, I spliced in a Tee from the bypass loop into the IACV. so the throttle body heat is not being used at all. Wont be able to test it out for a bit as I need to replace the coolant lines going from the back of the car to the front. not an easy task, but one sprung a leak. imagine. 40 year old lines, left empty for 7 years will have weak spots and leak under pressure.. ;)