Kazaa Lite K++

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i tried kazaalite before and the downloads were WAY slower. i have a dsl connection and i got nothing higher than like 5 or 6 kb/s. i'll try the link about though....may have been a different version....who knows!! thanks though....if it works out!!
It all depends on who your dload it from. It finds your "shared files" and based on whatever connection you BOTH have.. depends on your dload speed.

I have cable, if you were dloading it off of me, it would faster then 5-6k. I dload around 80-120kb on average. (kazaalite..yes)
yea i DL a video from domes, and it was even though AIM, we both have cable and it was fast as hell... your DL really relys on what you are on, what they are on, and how many users are DL from that person at the same time that you are.
cool thing about this one is in the bottom left corner you can set it to search for more users every second or 2 or 3 so you dont have to click on the name and then click search for more users. you can also set it when you search to keep searching and it finds more and more users for your search.