Knock Or Not?

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At idle, my motor is making a ticking sound. It's coming from inside the motor. I just finished installing the motor (with turbo) a month ago, and I've put about 1100 miles on it. It just started the other day. When I give it gas in neutral, the ticking seems to fade away as the revs increase past 3000rpm. Is this a mild knock or just a natural sound that i shouldn't worry about. It doesn't make the noise while I'm driving.
That very well could be your valves, which is a bad sign. Do you over-rev your motor alot? And the ticking may seem to fade because the sound of motor is louder above 3000 rpm.
Well boys, here's the problem:

After looking under the hood a few times and trying to figure out what's happening, I took another look tonight. Well, 5 out of 6 nuts on my Skunk2 exhaust cam gear are gone. Simply gone. And this means my timing has advanced well over 10 degrees. I talked to the shop that put them on and they said they just slapped them on there without touching them. I can't believe they didn't make sure they were torqued down to spec.

That has got to be the cause, correct?
Well, what damage do you think there could be? I've got 9.2:1 pistons from Arias, so I'm not sure if they hit a valve at all. The timing was advanced 10 degrees exactly at the exhaust cam. Hopefully I can get some new nuts and set it back to 0, and hopefully if the noise goes away that means no problems.
Oh yeah, and there is definitely a tapping sound, so that means something is hitting and something is being damaged, correct?
a valve adjustment is easy, get the tool and a bent feeler guage from a snap-on dude.
006 intake, 008 exhaust, make sure the feeler guage is snug going in and snug pulling out, it will take a couple of tries to get it right.
B-series hondas.
oh you'll need to replace the valve cover gasket as well.
What about when I just fix that cam gear? Won't the problem be fixed because the timing is reset to 0 degrees?
all hondas are interference motors (piston to valve clearance).. i would DEFINITELY pull the head and have a look at your pistons. you'll be sorry if you dont.
Thanks for the help. I'll insist that the shop do this, as they obviously didn't torque the cam gear nuts as tight as they should have, if at all.