Knock sensor question

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As stated in my other post, I am doing a mini-me swap on a 93 Del Sol. Well anyways, I am using a p61 ecu for this. The p61 is set up for a b17 w/ knock sensor. The d series doesn't have one. I was wondering if the knock sensors are normally opened or normally closed to ground. If they are n/o, I should be fine leaving that pin blank. If they are n/c, I will need to run a pin to ground to prevent the timing from being retarded. From looking in my Integra Helms manual, it looks like it is n/o. I just wanted to know for sure.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 9 2002, 12:53 AM
why in gods name are you using that ecu???

run a p28

The ecu came out of my freind's 94 hatch w/b16a2. When he had it swapped the shop put that ecu in his car. I ended up selling him my chipped p28. Now that another freind bought my old motor to do the top end swap, we ended up haveing to use the p61. Is it a bad idea to use it, or is it just not as ideal as the p28?
The P61 is for a DOHC VTEC and the P28 is for a SOHC VTEC. Unless it is chipped to do otherwise. It would be wise to use the right ecu! It would run better because the fuel maps are set correctly for the motor that its supposed to be in!
if you use that dohc ecu you are gonna mess something bad up so i would use the P28 and drive the car or if you want use the P61 and throw a rod
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 9 2002, 01:53 AM
why in gods name are you using that ecu???

run a p28

like i said before :worthy: :worthy: