knowing what to buy.

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Some help please, i'm making a list of stuf.
Already have manifold, trubo and IC.

With out Hondata:
FMU $180 more feul with boost
Msd 6BTM $335 timing retard
Boost controller $129
BOV $129
Missing Link bypass $70 check engine shit
in-tank fuel pump $130
feul pres regulator $100
total $1033

With Hondata:
Hondata s200 (everything) $1190 more feul with boost, timing retard
vtec controller, check eninge shit
BOV $129
in-tank feul pump $130
boost controller $129
feul pres reg $100
total $1680

what is the best option do u people think??????????

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i think it depends on how much boost and what turbo you are running
for low boost i would go with go the fmu, a lot of boost i would go with the hondata