Leaving in bad oil?

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The Hondaswap Canadian
My car has sat for almost 3 months now with dirty oil in it, it wasent desperately needing an oil change but it was dirty enough for me. The car also has not been started since then either (cause of my supposed injector/wrong distributor issue). Its Castrol Syntec 5w-40, so its a good oil.

Will it harm the engine at all being in there like that? What about on start up? Things i can do?

Im just paranoid about these things and its probably nothing but i dont want anything bad to happen.

My oil pan will probably be sludge lol.
If I were you, I'd start it, let it warm up via idle, and then change the oil once its warm.. Get all the sediment mixed into the oil and in the filter. If you just change it right now, all the sediment is going to remain in the pan and hop right into the next batch of oil when you start it.
Ya, i wont change it without starting and warming it up first, id have to do 2 oil changes if i didnt, and the oil aint cheap (almost $40 per jug). So no real danger just dirty?