Leaving work...back to the swap

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ok, I'm off work in 20 minutes so its back to the motor, I'm gonna have an exiciting weekend in the garage instead of partying but oh well. We've got the clutch in and the motor ready and started to remove the old shit. I'm hoping by the end of tonight we'll have everything prepped and the old motor out so we can drop in the new one tomorrow. I decided to save myself wiring hastle and just get an obd2 to obd1 conversion harness and an obd1 ecu so I don't have to run a secondary O2 sensor and some other wires plus it makes the swap cleaner and easier and sets me up to get a hondata. I'm missing some bolts from the midshaft or some shit (my friend found this out today while i was at work) acura doesn't keep them in stock so we're trying to find someone with them otherwise I'll have to order them. Well this is where I'm at from last night and I'm hading back to work on it now.
Originally posted by B16@Oct 18 2002, 07:48 PM
good luck, hope all goes well!

lol, yeaqh right

now it turns out there is a connector missing on tghe harness i got so we have to splice it in or get a distributor with that sensor built in (early 96 LS), Honda gave me the wrong motor mount so i need to get a new one, I still need the two half shaft bolts. I can't get any parts until monday so Its going to take a few extra days :(