Legal Swaps?

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i live in california, land of the smog. i want a engine that can pass smog here in cali. i just want an engine that can be used in my daily driver as well as taken to the track to blaze up the strip. can you guys tell me which b16's will be useful for my situation. thanks. :spin:
not sure if it needs to be USDM ... but it needs to be the same year or newer and needs all of the emissions equipment in place
ok you need to install a newer motor with all emisions parts inplace and if you wqant a turbo you need to but a carb exempt kit ie a kit that is goverment tested and aproved many companeys offer so not to hard to find and also any after market parts needs to have the exption on them before you go to get tested make sure you find out wich local is the most lineant with the regs
I live in cali too and it sux because california is the most strict on motor swaps. It really depends on what kind of car you have. As long as you get an engine that is your model year and older. Also, it woud really help if you get receipts for the motor, it would make your world alot easier. Then if you do get the "sticker" from the ref, you don't have to be worried about cops pulling you over. peace!