Lightened Crank Pulleys

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I seen some crank pulleys on ebay for like $50.00 bucks and I know a good rule of thumb is you get what you pay for almost all the time. I'm just wondering if the unorthodox pulleys are worth almost double the money over AEM (or some others like STR Pro V) and 4 times more then the ones on ebay? If any knowledge on the subject take me to school...

My thoughts on it are, instead of underdriving the p/s pump, just remove it. I'm running a 3,000-lb Accord with no p/s and it's not bad at all. Plus, it's weight shaving. :)

I wouldn't underdrive the alternator, especially if you're running lots of juice for a system.

BAD idea to replace the stock Honda crank pulley. It's got a harmonic balancer in it that aftermarket pulleys don't.
I was only thinking the crank pulley and no Alternator or Power Steering pulley. Bad idea huh? I'll take more advise.

Why look for more advice, he gave you the best answer you are going to get. To the best of my knowledge no aftermarket pulley has a harmonic balancer. Without that balancer at best you wiill wear the seal behind your oil pump quickly. At worst it will destroy your main bearings in no time. I had a friend in CO add an AEM pulley to his B16 after he rebuilt the bottom end with Honda bearings. His main bearing went out in less than 6 months. He tore the engine down and rebuilt it using a stock pulley and has not had this problem. Moral: They don't free up enough power to be worth the cost/risk. Get an aluminum flywheel.
i dont think AEM makes a crank pulley, only alt and power steering. i have the alt one and it is crap, dont get it, lights go dim while idling. my opinion on crank pulleys are they are only good if they are balanced with the rest of the engine rotating assembly. i've heard the unorthadox ones are pretty UN-balanced and can cause harmonics in the crank. I would suggest getting the mugen ctr N1 crank pulley, it allows only the alternator to be run, but the pulley is balanced.
p.s. just make sure you get the right one this time, and not one for a K-series motor :P
Originally posted by B16@Jan 16 2003, 11:05 AM
p.s. just make sure you get the right one this time, and not one for a K-series motor :P

:D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:


I had a friend have a machinist cut the PS and AC pulleys off his stock crank pulley (leaving alt only) and then balance it worked well.
I'm thinkin of doing the same thing next time I've got the timing belt off. Since I'm not using my p/s anymore, I'd like to just get that part of the crank pulley cut off and then have it rebalanced.
so running one of those ultralight aluminum crank pully's would be very bad?
Why do they sell them then?
Why make a product guaranteed to blow your seals?
wouldn't they get sued?
Does a crv engine, say the b20z2 have a harmonic balancercrank pully combo?

It wouldn't ALWAYS be bad, but it could be. Honda engineers design crank pulleys with harmonic balancers for a reason. Why wouldn't you use it?

Companies make counterbalance shaft eliminator kits for F and H series engines. Removing those shafts will MOST LIKELY cause your engine to shake itself to bits. Might not. They don't get sued either. I'm sure they all cover their asses with legal stuff out the ying yang.

APC makes products that fall apart, they don't get sued either.
As far as I know, the B20z pulley has a harmonic dampner/balancer. Not everyone has these problems with lightened pulleys, only some. And when you buy a pulley it says something like the company is not responsible for any damage that this product causes and you install it at your own risk.
So stay with a stock crank pulley for a B16 or is there something better like a B18 crank pulley or are they the same shit?


p.s. just make sure you get the right one this time, and not one for a K-series motor

So, B16 is my friend now?
That was a stupid, racist generalization. I hope you don't think that was funny. :whatafucktard:
The gain from underdrive pulleys is not very large, not really worth it unless you have done every possible mod and are looking for last little bit of hp.
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