Likie or no likie?

Likie, no likie?

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edit: I saw this civic at a 76 station just down from my house...I had to stop and take a picture...the guy that got out was white, but dressed like a "thug" haha.
Speaking of wings, I was behind this integra yesterday with one of those shopping cart fast and furious spoilers on it. It was such a cheap (quality) spoiler, that the aluminum was flapping in the wind while he was going like 70. :lol:

Sorry, back on topic. I like the car, just need the stock tails and we're good to go!


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rice rice baby... i hate wings like that, it like overpowers the way the car looks. i think i would of rather seen the shopping cart handle air plane wing on it. needs some carbon fiber.


its not TOO bad...i mean, at least his bodykit is painted the same color as his car, and the wing

nevermind, he's got what appears to be a 'R RACING' sticker on his rear bumper. its gay as shit.


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The Wheat side:

I feel terrible stating a positive opinion about the ricey modded cars on the road nowadays, but not because I'm embarassed of my own opinion - But because I'm embarassed of those that share the same opinion.

Example: I voted that I liked it. I do like it. It's not what I would do, not in a million cars, but I can see and understand the look - And appreciate that it's well done.

The Frosted Side:

I've been playing NFSU lately, and I'm a total rice-tard. layers upon layers of graphics, bling bling wheels, taillights stencils you name it. It's like living precarilously - Not vicariously - Through the eyes of someone else.

-> Steve


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Im just not into shit that doesn't serve a perpose. Like vents on the back bumper? And the foax hair dam on the side skirts? PLEASE! And i don't want to get into the "R" shit. It could be a sweet ride. Nice paint, wheels aren't too bling........