Local Thief got shot

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Well happened last weekend, a thief stole an Integra and took it down to a local street race. One of the guys that was there at the race knew that car belongs to his friend. So what happened was that the guy came out and shot the thief in the head 5x and drag and dump his body on the street. Who here thinks he deserved it?


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Did he deserve to be shot in teh head and killed for taking someones proprety that could be replaced, unlike his life? Um....no?

Fact is, now that guy will NEVER drive his car again anyway, kinda hard with Bubbas dick in your ass for life.


a little extreme...

i mean, who knows-- that kid could have bought it from the theif and thought it was perfectly legal (a title is very easy to forge)

an ass whoppin-- sure.
5 to the head-- extreme.


5 to the head is def a little extreme...
but thats childs play compared to what i would have done if i found who stole my car...

5 to the head = dead...
1 in each knee = limp for life... just so they remember exactly what they did wrong for the rest of their life...

and THIEF branded on their forehead with a coat hanger...


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i gues an ass kicking was in order...but not shot 5 times ...maybe 2 times in the body....lol


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yeah a lil extreme....there would have been ass kickings in order if i found the guy who stole my car. I dont think i would shoot them, at least not in the head. Maybe baseball bat to the kneecaps or something


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wow. thats extreme.
now the guy who shot the thief gets to sit his ass in jail as bubba bitch.
not worth it at all,
I would have beat his ass.


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If he's stupid enough to steal a car and then bring it to the local races he deserved 10 shots to the head.


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Originally posted by swanny@Jun 6 2005, 12:48 PM
If he's stupid enough to steal a car and then bring it to the local races he deserved 10 shots to the head.
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extreme actions derserve extreme consequences


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Originally posted by Blanco@Jun 6 2005, 02:04 PM
See, this is what I'm always saying. Why the fuck are you going to kill someone over a car? Especially a fucking Honda. Your rice rocket is worth nowhere near the amount of a human life, even a low life like a theif.

Then there's the fact that this is going to add yet another black eye to the import crowd.
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I agree. I could see MAYBE a ferrari or a lambo, or some other ultra-high-dollar supercar, but if you can afford the car, your insurance would cover the theft. I dunno, I just can't condone airating someone's skull because your ultra badass integra got jacked. Maybe busting a kneecap or two, but 5 to the head? Fuck. Better be a solid gold Teg.

Goddamn city kids.


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beating the shit out of him, taking a vid, posting it on the internet, Handing him over to the cops with a few pints of blood missing...GOOD...

don't go to extreme over a Honda...it's not worth the jail time.....


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Maybe 2 to the head, not 5. Not to split hairs or anything, but after 2 bullets, even a .22 there isn't anything left of a human head.

For a "novice" shooter, which 99% of all civilian gun handlers and police are, When the first round goes out the human psyche kicks in and takes an assessment of what just happened. it's VERY Rare for someone, anyone to squeeze off another, unless there are multiple targets.

And another "FYI", for a common gun handler to make a direct headshot, he's gotta be at point blank, execution style stance. No first-time killer can make a headshot.

But either way, yeah totally extreme. Even if I was with someone, and someone demanded the car - I would give it to him. Honda or Bugatti. It's not worth the time in the clink, even if it's a few months. And it's definately not worth the record, or worse - if he's a legal gun owner, losing his permit for life.

Not gonna happen, not with me.

-> Steve


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It should also be noted that while we consider a kid that killed another kid for stealing property, There is an entire religion that wants the US dead because we "may" have placed their holy book in a toilet. Of course, the two ARE similiar. Observe:

Inspired by Doug Stanhope:
"You wake up in the morning with a wife that just doesn't give a shit about what you do, where you are and how you feel - just cares that you aren't looking for another woman to make you happy. You go to work and your co-worker tells nigger jokes all day long and you can't say anything to him because you gotta work together. Your boss makes you do stupid shit in an interest to make him richer, and you can't do shit because it's your job. Your president invades countries that you or anyone else you know wants to invade or feels deserves invasion, and come the weekend you just want to sit down and watch a game and the player drops a ball and you scream at the top of your lungs 'DIE DIE YOU F*CKER YOU DROPPED THE F*CKING BALL! I HOPE YOU DIE OF EYE CANCER YOU @SSHOLE!'"

Just like that. This kid, had he lead a more satisfying lifestyle, been happier and not put up with all the shit that people his age put up with - Probably wouldn't have pulled a gun out and blew the brains of some guy that took that Honda for a joy ride. If he had exerted more control of his situations, both car and non-car, he wouldn't have gone out with a gat and glocked some sucka down "5 to the head"

So take this as a warning: Calm down, and start telling people where to stuff it when they piss you off !

I'm done.

-> Steve


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little extreme...I get pissed about fucking scrubs throwing eggs at my car when im sleeping at night and trying to fucking do shit to my car when im not around...they dont' have the balls to do it when im around cuase ill get my bat out of the back seat and take one to there kidneys...pissing blood for weeks...burns like a bitch to!