location of the ECU in 1990 Honda CIvic STD

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hey, my civic has the stock D15b1 and i know the ECU is thowing codes because the check engine light comes on. the problem is that after the first time i start it and shut it off, the car wont start. i just had the battery charged to day at auto zone, it was reading 12.41 volts on the volt meter (which is where it should be). My mom drove my home in the suburban, just so happened she needed a battery too. This happend before i got the battery charged also. i need to know where the ECU is so i can check it for codes.

now, im familiar more with odbII systems because i've had some training with scanner tools and stuff, but i know you cant use a scanner on a obd0 car like mine. when i find the ECU, am i supposed to turn the key to the on position (without starting it) to have the obd0 ecu flash its lights for the codes? i'm pretty sure i know how to identify the codes, long flashes rep. digits in the tens' spot, like 2 long flashes back to back would be 20, and short flashes work as single digits? sound right? i'll be sure to post the codes being thrown when i found out where the ECU is. oh, yeah, and i am pressing the clutchin all the way, and it does the same thing in either of the four gears and reverse, not that it matters cause the clutch is in, separating the engine from the tranny.

and the car is in need of an oil change, if thats in any way relevant.
for real? how much did u end up paying for new TDC (Top Dead Center?) and CKP (Crank Shaft Position?) sensors?

funny thing is i left my car alone all day, i just came home a few minutes ago w/ my mom and i had to move my car and it started up. i didn't try to shut it off and start it back up though, i suppose i should have.......... :doh:
well, i just came back from my car, it starts up every time now (???) but it smells like its running a little rich. i dunno, tommorow, if it dont rain im a go on out and find this ECU and find the codes so i'll know for sure. thanx for the help :thumbsup:
yah dude sounds like the exact same thing that happened to me when my tdc and ckp sensors went. Problem is that they are inside of the distributor and not replacable (as far as i know). You have to buy an entire dizzy. it was $350 canadian for the one i got. but check the codes before you buy one they will tell you if those things are broken.
well, check this out. i just came from my car, i tried to start it up 3 times but it didnt start up (i havent fooled with it since last post). i went and pulled put the few clips that held the carpet in over there and found the ecu. i turned the key to the "on" position and watched the little window while it flashed. it started out with one long flash, then after a pause of a couple seconds, it did 16 consecutive short flashes. ???? what kind of code is that supposed to be a 10-16 :wtf: :blink:
i dunno what thats suppose to read as with 16 short flashes.

i was suprised at how doggone big the ecu was. is that whole metal plate the ecu, or is that just a cover or something? all the ecu's i ever seen were relativitally small, maybe 7"x7" at the largest (and not honda).
thast a code 10 and a code 16. Yes, it is a protective cover for the ECU. If there is a couple seconds between flashes that means its starting over with the next code. you know its done telling you what codes you have when it starts overe.
Originally posted by Blanco@Jun 29 2005, 07:10 PM
Wouldn't a 16 be one long and six shorts, though?
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see, thats what i was thinking. so wtf? if it comes to it, i'll just wit till i can save for a ZC motor. im not paying $150+ to fix this motor, its got 166,000+ miles on it. next thing you know something else will need replacing.