Look At This Awsome Spoiler!

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Does any one know who makes this spoiler and does any one have other pictures of this spoiler on Civic HB 92-95.
I really need to see this spoiler on any other civic.



Wrong Website buddy, go to Ilikerice.com bodykit=fast.com for that stuff or even honda-tech.com they know all about that stuff.
not to be a smart ass or anything.. but try BoMex.. they make the rest of the kit for that civic.. they if they have close ups on the wing it's self.. it's a good bet that they make that as well...

Its not too bad, i've seen FAR worse... I'm really not too fond of the middle spoilers that every is putting on their hatches. :puke:
I have seen worse, but why do you want to see it on another car? It's for a hatchback, stupid.
its a nice spoiler for a hatchback, all you people with the ricer comments need to mellow out, yes we hate ricers but thats not bad at all, body design is ok if its mellow and a spoiler on a hatch is actually a decent idea
Originally posted by karnash@Jun 12 2003, 09:57 PM
whats the functional point of a spoiler on a hatch?

the same functionality of a normal size spolier on a coupe except the hatch ass end is lighter then the coupe
If you look in HyperRev they have much better spoilers from companies like BackYardSpecial, they have a spoiler that actually adjusts but the spoiler is very very suttle to the visual eye, it's just a little larger than the oem SiR spoiler on EG's.

Sorry, dont' know where to get it.

I want a bodykit, what of it? I guess I'll have to change my homepage from bodykits=fast.com to mybodykitgetsmelaid.com

(I'vvve had a few chardanes' , what of it?) - if you know the adam sandler skit your laughing right now.
Originally posted by liquid00meth@Jun 13 2003, 12:15 PM
I guess I'll have to change my homepage from bodykits=fast.com to mybodykitgetsmelaid.com

:lol: I hear ya man, all the ladies flock to the cars with kits, but nonetheless, you best keep care of it because a chipped/cracked body kit (thats if you dont choose urethane) looks like complete ass.
Originally posted by liquid00meth@Jun 13 2003, 11:15 AM


O.K. - I'm done.
Too bad it works that way, I prefer to smoke the bodykits and then have the bitch get out and step into the NA hatchy. If she lays a hand on the ride the bitch gets slapped...........bad bitch, not touchy.

Carbon Fiber duckbills own 5th gen hatches.

I would like to add I bought my first and probably last APC product today for my 5G hatch. "JDM" corner lights. They look just like the one's on optionsauto but they were only $25. Shyt load better from the 2 previously cracked ones.