Looking for engine loom wiring diagram for d16y7

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hello, all I'm currently in the middle of swapping a d16y7 into my EJ9 d14a1. issues I'm having is the loom was cut off when taken out. where it goes into the underside of the driver's dash (wasn't me who took the engine out) I'm not getting power to the fuel pump and the injectors which i have put down to iv connected the wrong wires up as I went via the colour and dot codes. The d14 has 10 wires and the d16 has 8 I'm thinking I'm going to need the rest of the loom that goes into the driver's dash. to make it work. But, at the same time thinking as long as all wires to the d16 are connected, the other two shouldn't matter right.?? Iv not been able to find any for the last two days even Autodater hasn't got it.
D16Y7 so like a 96-00 Civic DX? If so then yep, the ecu is in the passenger footwell and that’s where the engine harness goes.

The wiring colors and original ECU pinout locations can be found in the reference section on the forum here: ECU Pinouts

A D16Y7 is I believe a 96-00 Civic DX/LX, and the wiring colors should be the same as the OBD2 pinouts shown in the above link.