looking for good site to buy rota's


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As above says I am lookiong for a good online place that I can get some rota slips from.... That members have delt with....


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These guys are having a huge group buy right now, and they are way cheaper than Mach 3, plus they have twice the customer service than Mach 3. Check them out:
and you can read up on the group buy here:

I currently have an order in for some 15x7 Slips, and JLB motor sports has offered me several deals as my wheels are currnetly on back order. I have the oportunity to go to 15x 6.5 which I am really not interested in or I can change the color of the 15x7s that I want, which I am not interested in either, instead I am staying with my order, but they have also made good contact with me, and told me about my options instantly. Big :thumbsup: