looking to build and turbo b18a1 and looking for sugestions

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hi everyone i'm new to this forum and was trying to find the info i was looking for in the posts with little success, and was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. i have a 1991 acura integra with a b18a1 and i was looking to build it up with new pistons and arp head studs and everything nessacary to prepare it for a turbo. i was just hoping someone could give me tips on what all i am going to need. i appriciate any and all help and hopefully i can reach my goal of getting a car going down the track by the summer... thanks again bye
well i just'd picked up a b18a1 an a b1 motor an am statin on buildin a b18a1 for boost an pretty much my friend toldme to use the stock rods an swap out the pistons wit the b16 pistons, an pratty much keepin everything the way it is, well am only to tha point were i got everything all tookin apart an now waitin for parts an stuff lik dat once i get all the goodies ill update, well am not sure if dis well really help u much but dis is wut i heard from a few guys,
Depends on what your goals for the car are, anyone can piece together a POS turbo kit. what's your budget, HP goal, and are you doing the work yourself? these questions are essential to answering your questions...
well, i'm on a 3-4 thousand $ budget and am tryin for most hp for the $lol. and i'm gonna do most the work my self with help from friends. and sugestions?