lord of the rings spoof :p

  • no, he doesn't look like jeffie7

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man this is the funniest shit EVER!


its a movie, so high BW warning.

whats REALLY funny is that the guy who plays the bow-and-arrow guy (the guy who "has" the ring in the clip) looks SOOOOOO Much like jeffie7

here's a pic of jeff


Vote- do you think he looks like him or what!
i think its pretty damn close and pretty damn funny.
but hey, maybe thats jsut me being a nerd...
lmao- im still laughing about this... cuz jeff seems like the type of guy do do something as stupid as get his.... ohh nevermind for the peeps who havent seen it yet :p
so jack black looks like him, no
well I have my eyebrow the top of my ear and a tat on my left arm so yeah I guess I could get a ring in my wanker but its not my thing..... I would rather do my nipples
maybe if me and brian meet up we can both get them done so we get a good price on it and a tattoo while at it =)

I myself don't think I look like him hes a bit more chubby then the skinny dude that I am but hey it colud be worse...

anyone have the picture of his nubby white looking legs =)



lol this thread sucks.

and damn dude- whats up with your room? looks like a prison cell... nothing anywhere on the walls and shit!! a bed with no sheets!! damn son- you get in trouble?
Im one white boy I never said I was not =) and nah my walls have nothing on them and my sheets in the picture were in the washer getting the once every few months wash job =)
hehehe don't you remember from the last time you were in it? geez just go and act like you don't know about it =)
haha, yeah, a bj is a bj, someone suckin one is totally different