low speed cop chase

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"But these stories don’t hold a candle to yesterday’s low speed chase in Austin:
At around 9:24 a.m., a woman reported that someone was breaking into her house, Sergeant Jeff Slater said. Officers responded to the house in the 3500 block of Pecan Springs Road. The homeowner emerged from the house, but the suspect, who Slater said asked the homeowner to tie up his children with a phone cord, escaped from the house by running out of the back door.
Slater said police chased the suspect through a wooded area onto the Morris Williams Golf Course near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Springdale Road. When the suspect got on a golf cart, “we got on a golf cart, too, then he ran out of golf course,” Slater said. Police continued to chase the suspect on foot until he was arrested.”
This incident may be more than a home invasion. For one thing, it sounds like the male homeowner left his children in the house with the intruder. Reportedly the homeowner was also arrested in connection with a stolen pickup found in the garage.
I’d still like to see video of the golf cart chase on COPS. It would be especially interesting to see aerial views from a helicopter."

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kina comical, makes me think of a leslie nielsen movie


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everytime i read something like this i think surely no one can out do that but the human race does out do each other more easily than i thought possible


imagine the cop trying to spin the bad guy w/ the cop in a car and the bad guy in a golf cart. i guess hes trying to be fair. like not firing first or something. maybe rules of engagement. too bad there were no horses nearby, or bicycles.
u know what chris rock says about mlk blvd.


My name is Byron.
I seen on an episode of COPS where the guy ran across a golf course hops on a g-cart and so do the cops and they chase each other, dont know if it is the same as this but.