Lower Tie Bar

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there are plenty of lower REAR tie bars available for the crx. i have one (pilot motorpsorts brand).

as far as front lower tie bars, hardly anyone makes them. i have searched the net and the only two companies i know of that make FRONT lower tie bars for the crx are: cusco and bennen. not even spoon or mugen make them, so i am thinking maybe the crx doesnt need a bar there? they make them for other models, just not for the crx.

the difference between a front strut bar and a rear strut bar in MOST cases is...

front strut bars are usually curved (this is to allow clearance for part of the engine that may be in the way of a straight bar).

rear strut bars are usually always straight and flat. never seen a curved one.
thanks for the response... main reason i ask is the lower tie i have is for a 89 crx but doesnt look like it will fit. but i will try.. thanks
here's a pic of my rear tiebar install in case it helps