ls clutch, b16a trans

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k, i bought a ls clutch, because my motor was supposed to come without trans...but it came with a can i put the LS clutch on the b16a trans?
Well I know the 90-91 LS and 92-93 LS cable's had 2 diffrent spline's and the 94 and up I'm not sure about. So there's a chance it might not work. Not only that, Is the LS flywheel the same as the B16's flywheel. The whole clutch assembly might not even bolt up to the B16 flywheel..........
Get the clutch that matches the tranny. The 92 Integra clutch should work with the B16 tranny.
the clutch will work all b series parts are interchangable you just have to make sure that you are using either the full ls tranny or the full b16 tranny (flywheel) or they will not line up