LS dizzy on GSR head?

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So i have been running my ls/v set up now for a couple of months!
i have a 96 LS block with a 97 GSR head and im just curious if it would make a difference if i purchased a GSR dizzy?!

When i did the swap i used the LS dizzy, just chopped off the arm so it will bolt up past the Vtec solenoid!

If i buy a GSR dizzy will i feel the difference!?
Whats the difference between the two?!
No difference between the two distributors except the rear housing
electronically they are the same, they use the same part numbers for the ignition module and for the coil, you will gain nothing other than having a distributor that bolts in 3 places instead of 1
my CRX ls/vtec still has the LS distributor, has for about 4 years now, I'm only goinna change it if it breaks for some reason.
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