ls engine

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i wnat to put type r pistons in my ls integra b18b engine i need to know if it will work or should i just use gsr pistons i need to get the most power from my ls without usiing turbo
if you want to get the most out of an LS, think head work, not bottom end. while adding pistons will give you a bump in compression and a little more horse, there is much more power to be gained by running larrger cams, ported/polished head, trade the ls tranny for a b16a tranny, things like that
this guy knows his s**t you will get a good kick out of your car if you do get pistons, more aggressive cams,port/ polish the head, and 4 sure change the trans for a b16 trans that alone you will notice the difference.

while you are at it change the intake man JG and the throttle body for a bigger one ;) :D :D
:readfaq: :readfaq: :readfaq: :readfaq: :readfaq: :readfaq: :readfaq: It is in the damn FAQ. ITR/GSR pistons DO NOT fit LS rods.