LS head Assembly HELP

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Hey i am in the mist of finsihing my motor (aebs sleeved 84 bore turbo LS) and am stuck on the proper head installation. A year ago when i dismantled this thing i didnt notice a difference in the rocker arm (LS). However upon installation i noticed they each have a 'casting' # on them of some sort.
4 are marked "0", 4 are marked "1", 4 are marked "2", and 3 are marked "3" and 1 is marked "4". :unsure:
I called around to a few shops and a some told me that they should just be "casting batch #'s" from when they were manufatured, and that they have no science b/h where they are suppose to be placed. I check the Haynes manual and it speaks nothing of that. Its more V-Tec based anyways.

So can i just lube this bad boy up and assembly and torque to spec or will i have to disperse the rocker arms in a specific order?

I actauuly beleive their is a rhyme and reason to tthe #'s. let me check my helms and see what they say...stay tuned for more info....
read through the helms...doesn't say anything about it, except to keep them in the same position in realation to the head....they go in the same spot there where removed from. GL