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I've said this before, sorry to be repeatative, but my b18a will hav just over 100k miles by the time i would put a turbo on it, it is not the original that came with the body has lik 215k mi on it, im not sure wether the swap was jdm or not, i can ask next time i take it to the shop if it matters, but to get to the point do u think my b18a could handle boost being that old? I dont want to throw away money into a run down engine, id much rather swap in a fresh one and work from that....but then again i dont wanna waste money on a new swap if my engine is fine, and sujestions? or questions i can answer to tell u if my engine can handle boost? I'm planning on up grading internals to low compression pistons and rings, and maybe rods. any help is good thanks

edit- forgot to add that the tranny has 215k on it too, hahaha, it didnt get swaped with the engine, so do u think id need a new tanny too?
Just re-build it. Pistons, rods etc. I just got a b18b for REAL cheap with 130k on it. I'm just gonna build it to run boost so it doesn't matter what the milage is. Besides, it's a honda lol. :D
Crower Rods
Torn between Endyn and JE Pistons (9.0:1 Compression)
Golden Eagle re-sleeving and boring to 2.0 L
That's pretty much it for the bottom end. :)
nice, i dont think ill bore mine out, that gets damn pricey, speakin of which a lil off the subject my dad got his harley back today bored out new pistons and such, pretty badass, thought id share it with ya, haha gotta go home and see if he'll let me tak it for a spin.
Originally posted by Silver94Teg@Jan 4 2003, 11:55 AM
Crower Rods
Torn between Endyn and JE Pistons (9.0:1 Compression)
Golden Eagle re-sleeving and boring to 2.0 L
That's pretty much it for the bottom end. :)

just to let you know i was considering LS'ing my CX and i contacted golden eagle a few weeks ago to get a quote on putting 84mm sleeves (2.0liter!!) and this is what they said.

To get your block sleeved will run you $750.00 + shipping and handling .
This includes putting our "Godzilla" sleeves into your block, cleaning and
decking - Two Options:
1. step deck which is usually for block that do not have enough room for
an o-ring due to large bores
2. O-ring - which we like to put on all motors if possible. Works great
on turbo or NOS cars.
Remember, we use all CNC equipment to do the sleeving portion
of the operation so no one can touch us when it comes to quality,
craftsmanship, tolerances and turn-around. NO ONE!! Plus, our blocks
get pressure tested before they leave to ensure a perfect block every time!
Quality and reliability are always our top concerns. Turn around time is
approx. 10 - 15 working days.

We can bore and hone your block but this process is an additional
$125.00, adds 3 - 5 days to the turn around time and we need the pistons
in order to get the process done. I can get you ARIAS pistons for $515.00 .
Just tell me what your compression preferences are? If you buy the combo
block sleeve, pistons and bore & hone then I can knock your total for the
job to $1316.00.( a savings of $109 ) Then all you need is someone to
assemble your motor and your off with a lot more reliable power than you
had!!! ( price based on shelf stock pistons. Custom pistons slightly higher! )

Just to let you know, if you decide to ship your block to us without
contacting us first, please follow the next steps to ensure the job gets
done fast and correct.
1. Strip the block of everything, even the mains and oil squirters!
This will help you save on shipping!
2. Include a note with your block that has your full name, address,
contact number and instructions on what your will be using the block
for and any preferences you may have like o-ring or bore & hone, etc.
3. Unless you have spoken with Golden Eagle rep., all payment is up front.
We will not start work on a block until the money has cleared our bank. We
will contact you upon completion of your block and let you know what the
return shipping costs will be. Return will be freight collect so you must have
a check ready for the amount we inform you about.

If you are local, please stop by our place. We would love to give you
a look around the place and show you some of what we do here at
Golden Eagle Mfg.

We can also build the motor at our state of the art facility. If
this sounds like something you would like to do, please e-mail me so I can
get into detail about it with you.

I hope this has answered some of the questions you may have had and
I look forward to doing business with you soon.

Vince Tiaga
Product Manager
Golden Eagle Racing
( a division of Golden Eagle Mfg. )