Ls/v-tec Trouble

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My friend and I just finished building a LS/V-tec engine that we recently put in a 1992 hatchback. We started it up and the engine shaked alot and sounded like it was miss fireing til it just stoped running. I figure it was the distributor timing and I did that part all over again. At that time I also changed the civic spark plug wires to the Ls spark plug wires. This time the car stayed on but ran like crap with a violent shake.The compression test came out good, all 12 with all four spark plug whole. I can't figure what is wrong with the car. Tomorrow I am going to get new spark plugs. I need you guys that have done the ls/v-tec conversion to help me out.

What's wrong with the engine?


Are your spark plug wires in the correct order of firing?


check your distributor cap and rotor. i had the same problem and thats what it was. make sure your plug wires are good also, that can affect it too. oh and are you sure the timing belt is on properly?


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Yes, as far as the spark plugs go we took the spark plugs off of a working gsr car and the engine did the same thing. I am running out of ideas to fix the car. There is 1 thing tho, there was 1 plug by the crankshaft pully that we left unplugged. I think it's called the fluctuator sensor. If anyone else can help and tell me what the problem might be , please do so.
to answer this in a post would be long please give me a call at my shop and ill walk you through some stuff to check.909-373-race


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We're using the LS distributor and the 92 civic ecu. We're also having a problem with the check engine light on the ecu. It never turns off and we cant read codes off it. Its wierd because we tryed that ecu on my friends gsr car first to see if it would turn it on and it did. I dont know what to do anymore. This isn't even my project. I'm trying to help a buddy out and I think its something he did that he hasn't noticed.


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Your problem could very well be in your choice of distributor or of ECU. Do you have access to a P72 and an OBD1 distributor? If so try starting the car with those.

Why can't you pull the codes?


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Thanks for all the help and replies. I solve the problem . My friend was using ODB2 injectors with an ODB1 set-up, after we switch to ODB1 injectors the engine started running fine.