Ls/vtec Mosnter?

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I want to build an ls/vtec this summer. I already have a b16a2 in my car so i have the head and my friend has an ls block. So i will have around $4000 by the end of summer. could you guys give me some suggestion on what to do to it with the $4000?? prolly sleeves, pistons, rods cams, not sure what all i should use.
First, replace everything that good need it. You might as well with the engine apart.
If not here is what I reccomend:
Sleeve it to 84mm or 85mm (hell if you want to go crazy I think Golden Eagle can get you to 87mm)
Endyn high compression pistons (low if you want to boost)
Eagle rods
Z10 crank girdle
RC Eng Injectors
That should eat a good portion of your budget Anything left over I would put into the valve train.