LS/Vtec Swap ECU Question

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Does anyone know how to read the codes on the actual ECU main board to tell what model it is? I have a 93 Integra that I have been building a LS/Vtec in and found out I had an injector problem and it was only running on 3 cyclinders. Now after I fixed that issue I am having a power/surge problem (motor running very flat and seems to surge like it wants to go but just putters) and think it might be my ECU. It is a suppossed to be a Mugen chipped P28 but the guy that built it for me builds alot of ECU's so there are no markings on the main case and I want to make sure I have a true P28 ECU because I think that may be my issue. So after all of that I wanted to know if anyone knows how to read the codes on the main PC to figure out exactly what ECU it really is or if you can even tell that from the internal codes?

The internal code is - 02D01720-1500 A8Y-D

On the top of the pin connectors there is another code that reads - 730-60061 1129

Any help anyone can give me with this would be much appreciated because I want to make sure whether its not its an ECU issue before I tear it down again.
Do you see any numbers like P74, P75...etc. etc. on the white sticker INJEN is talking about?
No stickers and thats where the problem lies. The guy that built the ECU for me uses alot of different ECU chassis's so there are none of the regular sticker markings on it. Thats why I am trying to track down the internal PC board code info.
tell that dude for future referance to leave the stickers and write on the case what its chipped to be,

tae the covr off and post a picture of the internals